Institutional Research

Research & Reflections on the Implementation of Eportfolios at Peer Universities and Other Institutions.


Principles and Practices in Electronic Portfolios (CCCC, revised March 2015)

Michael G. Moran ePortfolio Awards:

University of Georgia’s Eportfolio Guidelines and Rubric:

Emproving Eportfolios: Student and Faculty Active Learning:

University of Mississippi’s Eportfolio Guide for Teachers:


One thought on “Institutional Research

  1. Ole Miss offers concise, clear directives for instructors as well as a wealth of resources and guidelines. Items that stood out:
    1. Eportfolios defined as a process not a product. Required as final exam in both FYWriting courses.
    2. Teachers also required to create portfolios for their annual reviews including a reflection on their teaching observations.
    3. Teaching Circles: twice a month. Every instructor observed by circle leader and one peer from their circle.
    4. Multimodal writing defined and explained. Great clip of Cynthia Selfe explaining the importance of this kind of instruction if we are to live up to our commitments of preparing students to communicate effectively in the real world.
    5. Sample syllabi for WRIT 100 and 200 with brief descriptions of assignments including the final portfolio.

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