Research & Reflection on ideas for integrating ePortfolios into FYC at Auburn: practical applications, projects, assignments, activities, ideas, case studies, etc.


This Fall 2015 semester I (Dr. Simkins) am implementing two sections of English 1100, our first part of the core composition sequence, as eportfolio development.  While I am still requiring that the students’ five essays be submitted online through our learning management system, Canvas, in order to facilitate grading and individual responses, these are all being done with an eye on creating a set of documents describing the process and the results of inquiry into a specific contemporary cultural trend.  Their final exam, in effect, is to assemble these related components into a single eportfolio and to walk their peers through their final project on the last day we are assembled.  In addition to thinking of their work over the semester as a single enterprise with multiple components, I am also emphasizing more reflection or, as it’s described, more metacognition.

Overview Essay    Autobiographical Essay   Preliminary Inquiries Essay    Analysis Essay    Final Reflections Essay    Eportfolio Presentation


Implementation Part II

I’m finishing the Spring 2016 semester and my two sections of English Composition Two.  The design and implementation of the course were similar to that of the previous part of the sequence for me, though I stressed the academic component of the research and the professionalization more.  I also added the Annotated Resources assignment.

Research Proposal

Autobiographical Essay

Annotated Resources

Progress Report

Problem/Solution Paper

Final Reflections Essay

The Eportfolio


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