Promoting Eportfolio Design to Faculty

Having read and discussed “ePortfolios and Faculty Engagement: Measuring Change Through Structured Experiences” with Dr. Doukopoulos, I would like to continue building on the promotion of eportfolio design for the Auburn English Department.  This summer’s eportfolio workshops for non-tenured instructors teaching core composition, which Dr. Doukopoulos and Dr. Lesley Bartlett arranged and conducted, went well, and Dr. Doukopoulos and I hope to follow up soon on that by gauging our peers’ response to the workshops and the concept of eportfolio.

I think that to promote and engineer an eportfolio design that meets the needs of our particular department, that is, its faculty and the students it serves, I’d like to see five things.  I’d like to see an opportunity for one or more persons experienced with teaching through eportfolio to address the assembled faculty at one of our regular meetings.  This should be a chance to clarify what it is and what it isn’t and to explain how incorporating this design need not radically alter any teacher’s larger goals, but rather, it would only foster those goals. I’d like to create a website specifically devoted to explaining how one might go about structuring an eportfolio design, either around an existing course or for a new one, and why this is a sound pedagogical idea.

I’d like to expand our department’s one-year-old Teaching Circles, which currently focus on the training of graduate teaching assistants, to incorporate eportfolio design and implementation   It might also be a good idea to encourage more of the faculty to create their own professional eportfolios, which would give experience to those whose lack of it might discourage them from risking eportfolio in the classroom, while also promoting the accomplishments of the department.  And, finally, we should create a chance for instructors and students who have experienced eportfolio to gather together to discuss how the design is working for them and how it might be improved.


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