Do Employers Value ePortfolios?

SUNY article / blog post: Do Employers Value ePortfolios

References this study, a national survey of Business and Non Profit Leaders, that was solicited by the AACU: It Takes More than a Major: Employer Priorities for College Learning and Student Success: Overview and Key Findings

Which is a digested version of the actual report, of the same title, which was conducted in 2013 by Hart Research Associates

Of note for our purposes is finding number 8 specifically (sorry for the poor image quality):8


One thought on “Do Employers Value ePortfolios?

  1. The information from Hart Research Associates would certainly be helpful in convincing students of the relevance of this style of teaching and learning, and I’m pleased to see that so many employers profess to value things like ethics, intercultural skills, global knowledge, and community involvement. What I’d like is a way to draw attention to these positives without contributing to the trend that state and community colleges are vocational training for corporations and similar institutions. We probably should equally, if not more forcibly, stress the idea that the students are here to become more self-aware and better human beings, particularly as some of them will one day soon assume leadership positions making ethical decisions that will affect them and their communities. Of course, I think it’s possible to hit on all these points sufficiently over the course of a semester.


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