Canvas Eportfolio

Following your lead, Scott. Here’s the start of my “Teaching Portfolio” on Canvas.

These are fun to build! But they take a lot of time. I really enjoy thinking/looking for/creating artifacts and images to go along with the text. I discovered a site that lets you turn quotes into images (see Literature section) and a site that lets you combine / merge photos into a single image.


One thought on “Canvas Eportfolio

  1. Looking good, Lindsay. I enjoyed reading your essay about “Sam” in the Literature section, and, yes, is a lot of fun. Creating an online space is invigorating, and since it may also be distracting, I want to create assignments and rubrics that will help my students stay focused on their writing even as they play with its contextualization in a digital environment. But I think we both see the benefits that could likely come from stirring the students’ creative juices. It should certainly make them think about who could be reading their writing and how it might be received.


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