Design Criteria and Heuristics

Another dry oyster of a read with a few pearls inside.  On the 14th page of their advocacy of portfolios, the authors discuss the four most common mistakes in designing portfolio-based classes.  The third one in particular called to me: “Single pieces of work are not portfolios nor do they automatically gain the benefits of portfolio-based systems as a result of the renaming. The confusion caused by single pieces of work being called “portfolios” is more problematic because it is widespread. It was found in the majority of instances of online portfolio assessment systems that were reviewed.”  Or, as I read it, portfolios ideally should not be a clearinghouse for single papers, which makes sense to me.  Isn’t what we want, so far as the exigencies of bureaucratic requirements allow it, a single assessable entity, albeit with interrelated components?


One thought on “Design Criteria and Heuristics

  1. I agree- very dry but some useful lessons feathered in. In addition to the four mistakes outlined at the end I think they do a good job of articulating the real issue of designing eportfolios to meet assessment goals: this iteration is valuable to stakeholders outside of the classroom- not students and instructors.


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